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We Sell It All Pawnshop

Don't forget to check We Sell It All Dicker & Deal Pawnshop every day to get great bargains.

Our Pawnshop Motto: If its legal we will buy it, sell it or trade it. We are a small Buy-Sell-Trade Shop located in Michigan. Similar to a Pawnshop, we sell a whole range of different items, for example: Tools-Pottery-Remote Control Toys-Industrial-Housewares-Trains-Books-Vintage-Music-The list goes on and on.

A Pawnshop is like a everyday garage sale or flea market with one difference, you can sell in addition to buy. People can bring in their item which is used for collateral and get a short term loan. This is a great way to get quick cash until the next payday. Just try to get a small loan for a short time from a bank, it's not going to happen. The customer has the option of taking a loan on the object or selling it outright to the loaner.

We Sell All Hot Deals
Hot Deals

Aberdeen China Moss Rose 5 Bread & Butter Plates 1930 Horizon 1/4 Scale Cub Ready To Fly Mattel 1974 Baby Love Notes Vintage Hand Held Wood Planer Kenners Automatic Kniting Machine 1966 Sunbeam Thinline Self Lowering Toaster Thomas the Train Drawbridge

Pawnshops are a great place to barter also. The owner always has a little wiggle room on the price of the item. So go ahead, make an offer we cannot refuse.


To trade by exchanging one commodity for another .

Pawnshop Symbol 3 Balls
The pawnbroker's symbol is three spheres suspended from a bar.

One of our newest items for sale is a vintage Dunlite 5000 Watt Wind Turbine Generator. These are hard to find. The units were built by Lloyd Dunn in Hindmarsh, Australia. Mr Dunn passed away in 1978 and the company does not build turbines anymore.

Dunlite Wind TurbineDunlite Wind Turbine
Dunlite Wind TurbineDunlite Wind Turbine

Our online Pawnshop allows us to finance our Wind Turbine Project. We have installed a Quirk Wind Turbine. These units were also built in Australia. Ours is a 2000 watt system.

Quirk Wind Turbine

A possible 1946 Jeep Willy Frame. Have not been able to find identifying numbers on the frame yet.

1946 Jeep Willy

Even if you do not purchase today keep us in mind for next time.

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