Quirk Wind Turbine


My name is Dieter and the following is a true story.

Several years ago my wife came across a classified ad for a great quantity of batteries. She insisted that I make the call. Her being the persistent woman she is and, me being the stubborn German that I am, I ignored the request. She won!

I made the call. The gentleman that I talked to said his wife was making him clean out the barn (what are the chances there was another man with a persistent wife). He had about 150 batteries that needed to be removed. I inquired why did he have so many batteries. He replied that he had a complete Quirk Wind Turbine that had never been installed. He did not think that anyone would be interested in anything but the batteries. The hairs on the back of my neck were rising. Can you imagine how fast I was pulling into his driveway? Quirk Wind Turbine

I could not believe my eyes when I saw it for the first time. This baby was massive compared to the turbines I had been researching. Sure it was a older model, but what the hay, it was going to be a great experiment for me. The end result was going to be the same if it was an older model or the new fancy ones.


This system uses a 1.5 volt battery hooked up in series. You can use any high output battery as long as your voltage exceeds 110 volts. These would be hooked up to your inverter to make AC power. The batteries should never be overcharged and should be cycled like any other battery. Do not leave batteries with a low charge, meaning if you store them at a low charge it will shorten the battery life.

Making The Climb

Climbing the Tower

That's me in the picture climbing the tower to balance the turbine. I used my bucket truck to get me to the height of 35 feet and then I hopped on the tower and climbed the rest of the way up.

Normally you would just lower and raise this tower as it is a Fold Over Heights Tower. At the time I did not have the power hooked up, so that is why I had to climb it. I bought the tower used. It comes in sections and I have only used half of them so far.

Build Your Own

Turbine Prints

I purchased this turbine to experiment with. I am very happy with the results and have learned a lot along the way. For a person that is a beginner I recommend We Sell Energy Savings . This package is very easy to understand and will help you find all of the parts you would also need. We Sell Energy Savings

I have my own machine shop to make my parts. If you do not have access to this you can find just about anything you want for Turbines here: Turbine Parts For Sale On Ebay

If you get anything out of this story it should be, always listen to your wife. You will have a happier marriage.

My wife and I finance our turbine project by selling online items from our pawnshop. You can visit us at: We Sell It All Dicker & Deal Here . Maybe you will find something you need and it would help in the financing. If you do not see what you are looking for email from our website- we probably have it in one of our storage buildings. You can also find more information on opening your own Pawnshop at: The Economy Is Right To Own Your Own Pawn Shop!!!!!

More Pictures

Welding the support cage for the tower The start of the big deep hole The hole needed a little more hand digging Support Cage is in Position. It took 10 cubic yards of concrete for the footing. That is enough concrete for a 10 foot wide by 80 foot long driveway.

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